Home Alone Music

I live in an three story apartment and I hate it.  I have always hated living in an apartment.  Partially because I can hear neighbors walking around in their rooms and yelling at their kids depressingly loud, but also because they can hear me doing whatever it is I am doing.  I have always been a connoisseur of loud music.  Living in an apartment totally hampers me enjoying this.  Sure, I bought some nice headphones that can really pump out the volume but they just can’t recreate the thump of a subwoofer.  So, when I come home from work and find that all the cars are gone and that everyone in the whole building isn’t home, I like to take advantage.  It’s times like these where I like to really nosh on some crunchy loud tunes.  Here is a list of some of my favorite music to listen to when no one is home.

Edwin Starr – War

Ok, I bet this is on a lot of people’s lists but it’s on there for a reason.  Edwin Starr’s War is probably the best song ever made to crank.  I just have to listen to it when I am alone.  Mostly because I have to sing as loudly as possible.  Even more reason to play the song louder.  I don’t want to hear my own voice when I sing along which is probably why I started listening to my music loud (Lion King/ Beetlejuice soundtracks).  I also like to stamp around naked while I listen to this song.

Beetlejuice Main Theme

The Beetlejuice soundtrack was the first CD I ever owned. I  must have listened to the main track of this album hundreds of times.  To this day, I still listen to the main theme cranked to max when I am alone.  I don’t know what it is but it gets me so pumped.  I think I have probably worked out to this song.  I am pretty sure it motivated me to learn an instrument.  You can clearly hear the french horns in it which was the instrument I ended up picking.  The part where it breaks down gets me SO DAMN PUMPED.   I would relearn how to play the french horn in a second if you told me I could play this song in an orchestra.

AFI – 3 1/2

To be honest it is probably a four way tie between the AFI ep and the All Hallows Eve EP.  Before AFI started pandering to 13 year old goth girls, they played some pretty awesome hardcore punk music.  I used to be a huge AFI fan and there were many many nights spent cruising around Dupage county with my volume on max, listening to AFI.  Now that gas is so expensive and I am so poor, my AFI intake has been sequestered to the home.

RX Bandits – Decrescendo

This is another tough call.  Basically the whole Resignation album should be on this list but I think Decrescendo has always been my most listened to song on the album.  My college buddy and former roommate introduced me to this song.  I am pretty sure we didn’t give two shits about neighbors in college and we had this song cranked all the time.  From what I remember though, they were a bunch of loud assholes themselves so wutev

Rob Zombie – Superbeast

I really am not a huge fan of Rob Zombie but god DAMN do I love Superbeast.  I am pretty sure there was a point in my life where this song was on a constant loop where ever I went.  HEY YEA!  I’M THE ONE THAT YOU WANTED!  HEY YEA! I’M YOUR SUPERBEAST!

N.W.A – Fuck Tha Police

NWA is basically one of the only rap groups that can get me pumped up.  This song has such a great baseline.  I love listening to this song and thinking about modern day Ice Cube driving his kids to some cabin in the woods and having crazy antics insue.  I feel super white singing along to this song.

Meatloaf – Bat Out Of Hell

This song is great to listen to at home alone but I think my favorite memory of having this song cranked was also while driving.  I was slightly buzzed coming home from a party at like 3 am.  I was driving down the highway with all my windows down and the heat on, blasting Bat Out Of Hell.  I was also speeding.  Basically Bat Out Of Hell almost lead to me ruining my life.    BUT I WAS A BAT OUT OF HELL SO I DIDN’T GIVE A SHIT!  I drove around for an extra half hour so I could listen to the song three more times.  I never listen to this song in the car to avoid Office Space moments.

Rammstein – Du Hast

This song has kind of fallen to the wayside in my “Play While Alone” list, but it still stands.  I sat down and listened to this song with the lyrics over and over so that I could sing along with it in German.  Can’t memorize the words BUT I CAN SING WITH THE LYRICS NOW

Dragonforce – Soliders Of The Wasteland

There was a time where all I listened to was Dragonforce.  It was probably a good 6 months to a year.  I walked with Herman Li once.  He told me he wanted to eat some Lasagna.  You remember that Joe?  Wasn’t that awesome?

The list goes on, but these have been part of the core list since I have had my own stereo.   I listen to other songs too but they are always changing.  Nowadays I hardly ever get a chance to really sit down and listen to a decent amount of songs at full volume.  It is really sad.  I can always count on these songs to get me jacked in the shortest amount of time possible.







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