Movie Review:: Jurassic Park: An IMAX 3D Experience

My entry for the Photoshop of the Year award.

My entry for the Photoshop of the Year award.

I worked long and hard this week, including a few night shifts, and by today I was exhausted.  I made some big bucks, and didn’t have anything booked today, so I thought I’d treat myself by spending $12 to see a movie I’ve already seen 20 times, but in a different format with goofy looking glasses on.  So I caught a 10:30 AM screening of Jurassic Park in IMAX 3D (or JPX3D as I’m sure the cool kids are calling it [?]) followed promptly by a nap when I got home.  WAS IT WORTH IT…?

The IMAX part of the experience was pretty great.  Seeing it on a theater screen is cool enough, but seeing it on a HUGE theater screen is a real treat.  It’s a good experience throughout, but scenes like the brachiosaurus reveal are petty cool when ALL you can see in your range of vision is the movie.  Also, that T-Rex roar with the IMAX speakers…  YEUH.

The real draw for this is the 3D, obviously.  And it is pretty impressive for the most part.  It’s probably in the top five 3D movies I’ve ever seen.  And it’s probably *the* best post-converted 3D production anyone has ever done.  Even in the early scenes when nothing is going on, the 3D is noticeable, and really good.  No brightness issues, and the film quality is rarely compromised by adding the new effect.  I was probably more impressed in the first half than the second half, but there are key shots throughout the whole thing that look pretty cool in 3D.

So in the end, I’d recommend JPX3D simply on the fact that it’s Jurassic Park.  I mean, it was one of the movies that shaped my childhood.  And then I’d recommend it for the opportunity to see it in IMAX with the best speaker system you have available to you.  Then I’d recommend seeing it because the 3D isn’t terrible like it usually is, and it’s a different way of seeing a classic film without destroying the very fabric that made it a classic film.  It’s not like they inserted extra CGI dinosaurs, or a digital song and dance number, or something.

So if you haven’t seen Jurassic Park in a long time, this is your perfect chance to see it again, and see it in a memorable way.  I guess there’s no point in rating it, because it’s obviously a great movie…  …but I guess if I had to give all the extra IMAXy and 3D-y elements added to it a rating, I’d rate those at like an 8.5 out of 10.


Now to close out with some random thoughts as I watched:

-I never bought into the theory that the scientists kept saying about how bringing back dinosaurs was a terrible idea and the mere fact that Hammond did it was basically dooming itself to failure from the start…  I mean, if Dennis Nedry, a HUMAN, didn’t recklessly sabotage the island, Jurassic Park would have been fine.  And it would have been an AWESOME tourist attraction.  It’s no more dangerous than a zoo, or a safari tour.  If all the animals at Brookfield Zoo were let loose on the sidewalks, they would kill a few people.  And if all the dinosaurs had managed to stay behind electrified fences, Jurassic Park would have been a huge success.  Hammond didn’t mess up nature’s way by recreating dinosaurs, he simply messed up his awesome theme park by hiring an asshole like Dennis Nedry.

-While we’re talking about Nedry, that high pitch squealing noise he makes at the restaurant when Dodgson opes the Barbasol can is both hilarious and confusing.  That came out of a human mouth?  It gets me every time.

-Perhaps the most overlooked line in the entire film: when they are getting the video tour and their seats shift towards the scientists hatching eggs in the laboratory, the lawyer says “Now, are they…  auto…  erotica…?”

-A little kid (probably too young for the movie) left the theater sobbing after the T-Rex scene and didn’t come back.  You still got it, Jurassic Park…  Terrifying toddlers of a whole new generation.

-Some people have brought up the point during the car in the tree scene, about how they should have just climbed to the side of the tree and let the  car go past them (similar to the Prometheus “just run sideways” argument).  In defense of this scene, I will say that there were NO branches on the side of the tree, and even if there WERE, if the car went before them and smashed all the branches on its way down, then they’d have no way of getting down the tree.  So…  SHUT UP.

-Laura Dern wins the award for best (and most) over-dramatic terrified reaction faces.

-Do you think Timmy went home after all this, and then went back to school and tried to tell all his friends about how he had this amazing dinosaur weekend, and no one believed him, and he was publicly ridiculed, and everyone called him “Crazy Tim” for the rest of his grade school days?  “I swear, you guys, I went to my Grandpa’s island, and I was attacked by a T-Rex!  I swear!”  “Yeah, whatever, Crazy Tim, why don’t you go eat lunch by yourself in the corner…”

-Why did the T-rex throw the goat leg at the top of the car?  Also HOW did it do it?  They show its hand going over the top of the fence, which in the next scene is at the level of the T-Rex’s head.  Given that it has tiny arms, was it like standing on its tippy-toes, quietly chuckling to itself “Huhuhuhuh…  this will be hilarious!” as it threw a perfectly cut goat leg at a car’s sunroof.  If T-Rex was a human, he would be the guy who spits on cars off of the overpass.

-Surprisingly, the least impressive scene of the movie in terms of IMAX speakers and 3D effects:  the helicopter shot entering the island with the theme blasting.  Underwhelming on both new fronts.  Somehow…


2 thoughts on “Movie Review:: Jurassic Park: An IMAX 3D Experience

  1. chris says:

    Man, I might have to go see this despite having rewatched it a few weeks ago (I’m woefully out of the loop on movies, had I known this was coming out I would have waited). We did watch it on VHS though, maybe the 3dIMAX version would be better?

    One interesting note: I hang out with real scientists quite a bit and its fascinating to hear their different takes on the question of, “Well, we can, but should we?” Some of them are absolutely of the mind that if science will let you you should go ahead and do it. Others are horrified that you’d even consider it. So, that part of the movie works really well for me now. It didn’t before though, I’d always considered it odd that the only person who was gungho about the dinosaurs was the marketing guy.

  2. Art says:

    I should’ve seen this only on IMAX 3D. Where I saw it, it was dark as hell, blurry, the screen was somehow too small & cut off the head of the money shot of T-Rex at the end, and the sound was horrid.

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