Lazy Movie Review: Iron Man 3


Premise:  How do you not know who Iron Man is?


-Probably the most entertaining of all three Iron Mans.  It didn’t have the slow moments scattered through the first one, or the slow moments consistent throughout the second one.

-Great take on the villains, they made it much more interesting than it probably could have been.  Though, in all three films, the main plot has been a competing technology in direct competition with Stark Industries; Iron Man 3 at least had layers to its villainy.

-I really liked the relationship between Tony and that kid from Tennessee.  I enjoyed that they gave every implication that the kid wanted to be a sidekick, but Tony wanted nothing to do with that.  Also, the casual line about their fathers abandoning them easily got the biggest audible laugh out of me.

-The action scenes really upped the ante (though, not if you count The Avengers).  I really liked the final action sequence, that was a lot of fun.  It was a tad difficult to gauge how powerful the bad guys’ superpower was, but I guess the Iron Man cannons did the trick?  The airplane sequence was awesome.

-James Badge Dale played one of the smarmiest gum-chewing pricks I’ve seen in a long time.  I mean that as a compliment.  It makes up for him being a wet blanket in The Pacific.

-Ben Kingsly is great.  Probably shouldn’t say any more.

-Lots of good comedy in this film, a missing ingredient through most of Iron Man 2.

-This was 140 minutes?  It felt like less than two hours.  It flew by (no pun intended).

-Make sure to stay after the credits for probably the funniest scene in the whole movie.  Finally, a post-credits scene that is 100% worth waiting for.


SIDE NOTE:  Can we all just agree that the greatest thing ever created in 3D is the IMAX countdown graphics before the movie?  NO ONE WILL EVER TOP THAT.



-Kind of a half -assed reason for the villain to harbor such deep resentment against Stark for so many years, but I suppose if you’re going to be a bitter person, you might as well be full force bitter.

-I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…  can Hollywood stop trying to make Guy Pearce happen?  He wasn’t bad in his role in this movie, but he was just incredibly generic as usual.  I can think of a dozen other B-list actors that could have brought more to the role, or at the very least, done as good a job as Pearce did.  In 10 years, if people are still talking about Iron Man 3, they’re going to ask “Who was the other guy in that movie again?”  Just saying, the ranking of evil corporate tools in the Iron Man series goes 1.  Sam Rockwell,  2.  Jeff Bridges, and … … … … … … … … … … … …  3.  Guy Pearce.

-Whoa, that was a rushed and awful epilogue sequence.  Like, really rushed and really awful.  I don’t like how Tony’s condition, which has been a driving force for most of the series’ most personal moments, can be written off in ten seconds with some voice over.


Final Thoughts:  If anything, Iron Man 3 serves a great purpose to the cause of marketing campaigns no longer destroying films before we even see them.  The marketing actually contributed drastically to the impact of how I watched this film, in a positive way.  I won’t say anything specific for people who haven’t seen it yet, but I liked the direction they took with the characters, probably because I haven’t read the comics and it didn’t offend me.  The comics are the comics, and the films need to do what they can just to benefit the two hours that they are on the screen, that’s it.  Make whatever “compromise” and “twist” they need to to make the film version of the story successful, and then take those changes at the film’s face value, and just hope the movie doesn’t end up like The Green Lantern.

I really liked Iron Man 3, but a couple of days after seeing it, I’m not thinking of it much more than a really entertaining popcorn flick.  In fact, none of the Iron Man movies have ever really evoked a strong emotional reaction in me.  I probably felt more emotions during Captain America (not that that was oozing with emotion either).  But Iron Man is probably the most fun of the Marvel franchises, and it’s likely because it’s hard not to love Robert Downey Jr’s portrayal of the character.  To be 100% honest, I look more forward to his performance than I do the action scenes when I go to Iron Man movies at this point.  Can’t say that for Chris Hemsworth and Thor.

I can’t help but feel like this wasn’t so much closure for the Iron Man “trilogy” (most likely because of the speedy wrap-up crap), as it was just another Iron Man adventure.  And other than his anxiety attacks, there hasn’t been an incredible amount of development in the character since the first movie (unless being less selfish was his main development, which isn’t exactly a great arc for three movies either).    I guess I’m saying, instead of creating a dynamic image of a character that goes full circle and has a clear beginning, middle, and end; they’ve basically presented us with a fun character, and given him a few bad guys to fight over a few movies.  I didn’t leave Iron Man 3 feeling like I’ve learned any more or any less about Tony Stark or his alter ego.  But it was a hell of an entertaining journey to wherever they wanted us to go, that we’ve taken over these films.

So yeah, Iron Man 3 was indeed an Iron Man movie.  And Iron Man did plenty of Iron Man things.  Iron Man is cool.  I like Iron Man.  (twiddles thumbs) (whistles)  Yep…  Iron Man.  (coughs).  Go see it if you like having fun.

8 out of 10

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