Lazy Movie Review: We’re the Millers

Side Note:  It's hard to find a banner image for We're the Millers on Google that *isn't* Jennifer Aniston in her underwear.  Oh, society...

It’s hard to find a banner image for We’re the Millers on Google that *isn’t* Jennifer Aniston in her underwear. Oh, society…

Premise:  I purchased Gladiator on Blu-ray a couple of weeks ago, and it came with a free ticket to any Warner Bros movie in theaters before the expiration date of this August.  The only eligible film that I hadn’t seen was We’re the Millers.  So that’s why i saw We’re the Millers.  It’s a comedy about drug smuggling that I saw for free.



-I guess I laughed a bunch of times?  Not like a *ton* of times, but I had a steady stream of small-to-medium-sized chuckles.  But I tend to do that at most dumb comedies.  I’m a quiet chuckle kind of guy.

-Jason Sudeikis (I have to look up the proper spelling on his name every time) has always been kind of a funny guy; but he tends to play the same dopey, nonchalant character in every movie I’ve seen him in.  He’s the Danny McBride of cool, laid back guys who say the dumbest things despite being in life threatening danger.  Regardless, he does a pretty good Bane impression.

-Even though he’s not used to his full potential here, Nick Offerman improves anything.

-Jennifer Aniston still looks pretty good for being 60 or whatever she is at this point.

-I know there was some other specific stuff that I thought was funny, but I just sat here staring blankly at my computer screen for two minutes, and none of it is coming to mind…



-I really want to like Ed Helms, because he was great in Cedar Rapids, and I think he’s really underrated in the Hangover movies; but when I don’t think he’s being awesome, I usually think he’s a talentless hack.  His role in this movie sort of fell into the talentless hack category.

-There’s a three-minute stripping scene with Jennifer Aniston where she dances down to her underpants (her underpants!!!  How risqué…!!!) in a warehouse under the threat of gun violence to prove to the bad guys that she’s a stripper, for some reason.  It’s as if, in a magical twist, an issue of Maxim Magazine came to life to save the rest of the characters from death.  Also, at one point during the dance, Jason Sudeikis looks directly into the camera (breaking the fourth wall, mind you!!!!!!!)  and raises his eyebrow as if to say, “Hey, look, audience, there’s a girl in her underpants!  Bet you didn’t think we’d go that crazy, huh?!”

-Road Trip Movie Cliche #1:  Get pulled over by wacky sheriff.

-Road Trip Movie Cliche #2:  Meet a side character with wacky prosthetic make-up.

-Road Trip Movie Cliche #3:  Have a wacky uncomfortable sexual experience while camping.

-Road Trip Movie Cliche #4:  They have a wacky musical sing-along moment.  (TLC’s Waterfalls)

-Road Trip Movie Cliche #5:  Get bitten by an animal, resulting in wacky injury.

-Road Trip Movie Cliche #6:  Characters get split up near the end out of anger, they come back together 5 minutes later under threat of death, they get saved by wacky side character, now they all like each other again.

-Road Trip Movie Cliche #7:  Wacky blooper reel!  Hahaha!  Well, at least the actors had fun!


Final Thoughts:  It’s not that We’re the Millers isn’t a funny movie, and if you rent it on Redbox in a few months I’m sure you’ll also chuckle throughout it like I did.  It’s just that it’s so by-the-books and ordinary that it’s hard to remember anything specifically funny about it after you see it.  I think at the end of this year, I’d like to create a list of the movies that I most forgot that I even watched in 2013; and I think We’re the Millers will be on that list when the time comes.  Right alongside that movie I saw in February about…  uh…  the…  ghost…?  Maybe?  And the other one with the guns, and…  I…  there were guns, right?  You know, the movie with… …the stuff in it… that I saw.  Yeah, that one!  There might have even been ghosts in that one, too…?

6.5 out of 10 

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