Movie Review: Bad Milo


Every so often, I stumble upon a movie with a premise so enticing that I can’t resist.  So let me throw this one at you:  Someone actually made a feature-length film about a demon that lives inside Ken Marino’s butt.  It’s 84 minutes long.  And it’s entirely about a butt demon.

The only scenes that really work are the ones with the butt demon puppet.  In the best choice the filmmakers made throughout this production, it was making what is possibly the most comically adorable butt demon puppet possible.  And it’s not CG, it’s a real, 1980s Henson-esk puppet.  It moves awkwardly, and makes funny noises, and basically everything it did made me laugh.  Sadly, the rest of the movie outside of the puppet wasn’t that great.

It’s almost like Bad Milo intentionally decided not to go fully insane.  The basic framework of the movie is rather dull.  I don’t know if you can blame the cast, because the cast is phenomenal.  Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs, Stephen Root, Patrick Warburton (sans 8-Ball jacket), Peter Stormare…  It’s just that they didn’t have much to work with.  I did enjoy how they kept blaming Milo’s attacks on raccoons.  But overall, this movie didn’t take enough crazy risks in order to live up to the premise.


But I did find it almost admirable in the fact that this movie is either one of two things: It’s either a deep spiritual metaphor about overcoming your inner demons told through a film about a butt demon, which is awesome; or it’s just a literal story about a butt demon that kills people, which is also awesome.  I mean, not everything has to be enriched by metaphor.  Why can’t someone just tell a story about a cute butt demon?

Bad Milo would have made for a great, unintentionally funny 1980s film.  It just doesn’t work that well as an homage to that.  It would have also been an awesome short film, like if it was just 10 minutes of Ken Marino bonding with the butt demon puppet, I would have watched it four times.  As a feature-length film it’s a very stretched-out, kind of boring movie, with a great premise and a fantastic puppet.  I don’t think I’d recommend watching Bad Milo, even if you’re a fan of the cast.  It’s one of those movies that I really wanted to like, but just couldn’t lie to myself.  If you want to see the comedy stylings of Ken Marino, you should just watch Party Down or Burning Love.  And if you like puppets, you should just watch Muppets Take Manhattan or Labyrinth or something.  I think I’m actually being pretty generous with my score here, but I enjoyed the puppet scenes probably too much.

6 out of 10


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