Lazy Movie Review: Escape From Tomorrow

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Premise:  A guy is informed that he’s losing his job while on vacation with his family at Disney World.  So he gets drunk and (possibly?) starts having weird visions, and there’s (possibly?) some big conspiracy.  I don’t know.  The plot is kind of a half-thought.  Escape From Tomorrow is more widely known as the film that was shot (mostly) at Disney World (and its many hotel rooms), without the permission of Disney.  I think at the current time, Disney isn’t taking any action against them, as to not give the film any more publicity.  Good move on Disney’s part, because this movie probably doesn’t deserve much more publicity.



-I really liked all the footage of the rides and attractions, if only because I genuinely enjoy theme parks and it brought back good memories.  That being said, there is a lot of footage of people just riding rides.  Also, Splash Mountain > Space Mountain > Thunder Mountain.  JUST SAYIN.

-I was kind of in awe at the amount of effort it must have taken to do all these scenes at Disney without anyone knowing.  Some of the camera angles seem like they would have been particularly annoying to shoot in such a crowded place without the ability to control the situation.  I imagine most (if not all) of this was ADR sound?

-Some of the jokes are decently funny, like “Your mom is pretty, in an Emily Dickinson or Tina Fey kind of way.”

-It has the best crapping on a toilet scene since Dumb & Dumber.


escape from tomorrow



-The plot is sort of basic and immature.  Even when it starts to go a little crazier, it never really feels like a complex idea.  It seems to just go for a lot of cheap shock value type gags.  If they were going to go through the work of making this movie the way they did, I probably would have written a more well-rounded script first.  Stuff just sort of happens.

-The third act is kind of…  boring…?

-Blech, I hate these child actors.  Scratch that…  I kind of hate most these actors.  The dad looks like he could be Tom Cruise’s out-of-shape older brother.

-The black and white aesthetic didn’t do much for me.  Especially because it wasn’t particularly well-shot.  Though, I guess I could see it looking like a *completely* jumbled mess had it been in color.  But in all fairness, I thought the pool scene was nicely shot.  However, most of the interesting visuals in the movie just come from the fact that Disney World is a visually interesting place.

-Looks like they cheated a bunch of the scenes with green screens.  I guess you can’t have people pretending to taze each other in the actual park and get away with it.

-Perhaps they could have picked some girls that looked less like 14-year-olds to be the object of the dad’s obsession.  I don’t know how old the actresses really are, but it sort of creeped me out.  Also, the spitting scene?  HUH?

-“Geosporin”?  Can’t they just call it ointment?  And whoa…  The scene where he’s spraying it all over the place (including the random cutouts of naked ladies that were on the wall for no reason)…  Was that a script idea from the director’s teenage son?  “GET IT?  IT LOOKS LIKE JIZZ!  IT LOOKS LIKE HE’S JIZZING EVERYWHERE!”

-I see someone did the “demon face” After Effects tutorial…

-To be 100% honest.  I’m not sure what the hell I just watched.


Final Thoughts:  I think it’s safe to say that if they shot the same story at some no-name theme park in New Jersey or something, instead of Disney World, no one would give a shit.  In other words: It’s mostly a bad movie, but with an interesting gimmick.  I can’t tell if it was trying to be a slap in the face of Disney, or what?  If you understood the message of this film, please feel free to tell me.  I’d love to hear it.  Anyway, Itchy and Scratchy Land did it better.

5 out of 10


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