Drunken Movie Review: The Secret Lives of Dorks


Well, hello there!  Here’s the third installment of Dino Bone’s Drunken Movie Review.  I’ve previously covered Little Fockers and That’s My Boy, and tonight I thought I’d give another movie a chance that I probably wouldn’t have given it if I weren’t drinking.  The Secret Lives of Dorks is a movie that I constantly see in my Amazon Prime recommended movies, and I don’t know why.  But I certainly hope to uncover the SECRET, in what I assume is one of the greatest mystery/suspense films of our time.  I read an article about this film once that said that Hitchcock passed on this screenplay, because he thought it would be too shocking for audiences.  FYI, I’ll be drinking “Nautical Professors” tonight (Sailor Jerry and Dr. Pepper), and I’m stirring it with a knife.  I don’t know why I included that last bit of information.

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