Lazy Movie Review:: Thor: The Dark World

thor two

Premise:  If you strip away the context that Thor 2 is a major Marvel comic book movie, and you try to describe the premise, it actually comes out as a hilariously strange concept from the get-go…  It’s a movie about a Norse god who lives in a rainbow space castle across the universe who can fly by using a magic hammer, who must overcome a species of elves who fly high-powered space ships, because they’re trying to destroy all the light in the universe.  If this wasn’t based on the classic source material, could you imagine someone trying to pitch that film to an executive?



-It’s a lot of fun.  Especially the second half.  The final action sequence has a pretty clever gimmick involved, and it makes for some great frantic mayhem.

-The stuff with the cursed elves turning into super lava monsters was pretty cool.

-The matter-destroying elf grenades were pretty cool, too.

-Asgard has some stylish prisons.

-Chris Hemsworth and I have the same birthday.  We are basically the same person.  [greases up my abs]

-Loki was much more of a gleefully interesting character this time around.  I understand why people loved Loki in the other movies, and why they wanted more of him in the future (including some wanting him to have his own movie), but I wasn’t ever on the “Loki is the greatest character EVAR” boat.  He’s good.  Pretty good.  Prettaaaaaaaaayyy prettaaaaaaaaaay prettaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay prettay good.  But I thought he was at his best here in Thor 2.

-Kat Dennings is comic relief again.  She’s less obnoxious here in the sequel, and funnier as well.  Probably because she wasn’t overused.  I got a good chuckle when she said the name of Thor’s hammer again near the end.  The movie overall was pretty spot on with the comedy, now that I think about it.

-You ever heard of Alan Taylor?  No?  Me neither.  He’s the director of this movie.  Marvel/Disney had some big balls to put Alan No-Name in charge of such a big property.  It worked out in their favor.  He did a good enough job.

-I was the only person in the theater to stay past the mid-credits Benicio del Toro scene, and actually sit there until the very end of the credits, where you’ll be gifted with a more charming and amusing after-credits scene.  C’mon people, know the difference between a mid-credits scene and an after-credits scene…!  [pours Dr Pepper into wine glass] [sips with pinky extended]

-On that note, since I stayed through the end of the credits, I observed this fun fact:  There are only three non-orchestral songs credited to the Thor: The Dark World soundtrack, and one of them is a terrible Xzibit song.



-I found the least interesting scenes to be the ones where Thor has daddy issues with Odin.  There was a lot less of them in this film as opposed to the first one, but they seem sort of trivial at this point.

-This isn’t a huge deal, but I’m not a big fan of vague power sources that can destroy the universe if put in the wrong hands.  Wasn’t that the same premise as The Avengers, anyway?  I know, I know, “What about the One Ring, Scott, you filthy hypocrite?  That was a vague power source, and you love Lord of the Rings.”  Well, the One Ring wore down and transformed Frodo to the point where it basically created his story arc, and essentially, the ring was another functional character in that story.  In Thor 2, if the dark elves get hold of the free-flying red space goop, they can like cover the universe in darkness or something, whatever that means (ya know, Mr. Burns once tried to block out the sun as well).  Anyway, boring goop is boring goop.  And I suppose this will be the storyline of most Thor-related projects, because I guess there’s nine of these vague power sources in this universe.

-I saw it in 3D, not because I wanted to, but because the most convenient showtime I could attend just happened to be in 3D.  The third dimension didn’t do anything for me.  I can’t remember a single moment in the film where the 3D stood out in any way.  Waste o’ $3 extra dollars, it is.

-I got really confused when the first scene of the film was of Steve Rogers fighting people in an elevator for some reason.  Then I realized that they were just showing a full preview scene from the new Captain America movie before they got into Thor 2.  I FELT LIKE A DUMB DUMB FOR A FEW SECONDS.


Final Thoughts:  It’s not amazing by any means, but it’s certainly enjoyable.  I think the best way to describe this movie is that it gave me a sense of entertained numbness.  I sat there, I had a good time, I went to the bathroom, then I drove home.  Thor 2 isn’t necessarily a stupid movie, but let’s be fair, it’s obviously not incredibly intelligent either.  I think it strived to be a nicely crafted action movie with a few good twists and lots of neat visuals; and it succeeded.  Go see it if you like fun?  Or don’t?  Or wait until you can rent it?  I don’t know.  I’m jealous of Thor’s hair.

7.5 out of 10

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