The 107 Films I’ve Seen From 2013

Christian Bale;Amy Adams;Bradley CooperI blew my numbers out of the park this year!  I saw 26 more films this year than I did last year.  I think that can be because of the fact I started working freelance from home in 2013, and basically made my own hours, so I was able to check out a handful more movies.  It might be a numbers game of just seeing more films, but last year I gave 6 films an “A” grade, and this year I gave 8 films an “A”.  Last years “B’s” were 24 films, and this year had 30.  But then last year had 34 “D” or “F” films, and this year had 48.  So does that mean this year was worse than last year?  I once again don’t know, and numbers still make my head hurt.

So here’s my list of the 107 films I saw that were released in 2013, in order, and with some grades.  And like an overstuffed public school classroom, a lot of people didn’t get very good grades.  It also doesn’t include Inside Lleywn Davis, because I guess a critically acclaimed new film by the super accomplished Coen Bros still only warrants a limited release…?  JUST PLAY IT AROUND ME ALREADY.  I’M TRYING TO THROW MONEY AT YOU.  I also think I’m gonna wait for Netflix on Walter Mitty and 47 Ronin.  I’m just not that enthused to watch them anytime soon.

If any of the grades don’t match the score of the original review, it’s probably because I’ve rewatched it and/or changed my view on it.  Here’s to another year of good filmmaking!  Let’s hope 2014 doesn’t get too depressing!

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Movie Review:: Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

anchorman2 1

It’s kind of hard to write a fleshed-out review of Anchorman 2, as comedy is subjective, and that’s especially the case with a comedy sequel.  More so, this is also a film that isn’t so hysterically funny that I’m struggling to type correctly because my stomach is still convulsing with laughter, nor is it a bad comedy that is so terrible that I want to belittle the writers and actors for doing such a horrible job.

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Lazy Movie Review:: The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug


Premise:  Bilbo and the dwarves are back for another adventure!  Woo hoo!  This time they try to answer the important question: What has Orlando Bloom been up to since the last time we saw him?  My guess was that he’s was in Lord of the Rings 10 years ago, then he was in the Pirates of the Caribbean movies after that, and somewhere in the middle he was in that one movie with a terrible name that no one saw, Elizabethtown.  The real answer to that question (after looking him up on Wikipedia) is he’s been in almost twenty movies since Return of the King, 90% of which I’ve never heard of.  I don’t know why I decided to bring down Orlando Bloom to start this off, I wasn’t planning on it, it just sort of happened.  Anyway, it’s nice to see Legolas again.

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Lazy Movie Review: Out of the Furnace

ourt of the furnace

Premise:  Russell (Christian Bale) is a mill worker in Pennsylvania (I think) who has a haphazard mistake occur, and lands himself some prison time.  Meanwhile, his brother Rodney (Casey Affleck) is a former marine who know finds himself struggling to get a job, and without his big brother around to help pay off debts, he tangles himself up in a bare-knuckle boxing ring fronted by a crazy New Jersey redneck named Harlan (Woody Harrelson).  Now old-Batman has to try to find out what happened to new-Batman’s little brother.

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