Confession Time: 15 Popular Movies I’ve Never Seen


I see more movies than the average person, but probably less than a psychotic person, but every so often someone will find a movie I haven’t seen and hold it over my head like it’s my job to have seen every film ever created.  “No, I haven’t gotten around to seeing that movie, but I *have* seen “Play Time” by Jacques Tati.  Twice!  Yes, I live a sad, empty life, why do you ask?”

Anyway, I saw an article on Uproxx about pop culture blind spots, and it got me thinking about what I hadn’t seen.  So, I guess my first confession would be that this isn’t that original of an idea!  But I thought I’d just clear the air and get out 15 movies that I’m ashamed (sort of?  maybe?) that I’ve gone through my life never watching.

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