Movie Review: Boyhood


Between the imaginative “pew pew pew” laser battles of Guardians of the Galaxy last week, the constant reminders of most of our awkward childhood moments in Boyhood this week, and the nostalgia alarm going off full force with Ninja Turtles next week, it appears as if Hollywood is aggressively targeting 18-35 year olds like we’re part of a demographic or something…?  Listen man, we’re not part of your system!  [hangs up Guardians of the Galaxy poster]  You can’t just like, think we’ll go spend money on all this crap because they remind us of fun things from our childhoods!  [downloads Super Punch-Out on Wii-U Virtual Console]  We’re like, actual people, man!  Not just a generic group of sheep like you business fat cats think we are…!  [uses Michelangelo bath pouf, an item I actually spent $2 on at Wal-Mart for some reason]  We’re not a hive mind of pointless references!  [quotes Simpsons jokes on nearly every comment thread I come across]

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