Lazy Movie Review: Let’s Be Cops

lets be cops

Premise: In a movie that I saw five days ago yet can barely remember anything about it; two guys (Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr) dress up as cops for a party, and then when they leave the party they notice everyone thinks they’re cops, so they say “Let’s Be Cops” and now they are pretending to be cops. Then they get caught up in a big investigation with dangerous people, so they actually have to do real police work while just pretending to be police. Is this making sense to you yet? They’re not cops, but they are pretending. That’s not just the premise of the movie; it’s also the name of it. Two normal guys. They are fake cops. Let’s Be Cops. [coughs gently into hand]



-All of the jokes that weren’t ruined in the trailer were consistently chuckle worthy. I think I gave an outward laugh when the one guy had another guy’s bare balls in his face, but I was more laughing at the way he was shrieking. The movie is more of an amusing funny than a boisterous funny. Still, overall, it’s got chuckles.

-The two leads work well together and gave the impression that they were actually friends. It has a lot of the dynamic where the crazier guy suggests a stupid idea and the more sensible guy acts like he’s about to be hesitant, but then is totally/comically agreeable. Always Sunny does this all the time. It works.

-It has a quality supporting cast with the likes of Keegan Michael Key, Andy Garcia, Natasha Leggero, Jon Lajoie, and Rob Riggle. Cool.

– Wait, what?! That guy was Damon Wayans Jr?!



-I’m going to say that about 80% of the best jokes are ruined in the trailer, which I saw about 10 times before various movie theater experiences. They also basically give away the entire plot in the trailers as well.

-And anything they don’t give away is fairly predictable. Do you think they will take down the Russian cartel? Do you think the one guy will successfully pitch his video game? Do you think the other guy is going to try out for the actual police force at the end of the movie? YOU PROBABLY WON’T BE WRONG.

-There were hints at clinical delusion in Jake Johnson’s character, with his life of failures contributing to his psychosis of desperately wanting to be something he’s not. It’s slightly funny, and kinda subtle, but it probably could have used a more intense treatment, in my opinion. This was like Observe and Report lite, and I wished it were just more like Observe and Report. It could have used a scene like when Seth Rogen was describing how he wanted to shotgun blast every bad person in an imaginary apocalypse to a behavioral scientist. Then again, most people tended to hate Observe and Report (I loved it). THEN AGAIN, most people seem to dislike Let’s Be Cops the way it is.

-It barely made an effort to break away from a plot that we’ve all pretty much seen before. Again, it could have used a moment like when Seth Rogen shoots a serial dick flasher in the chest out of nowhere in the middle of a department store. The fifteen people in the Observe and Report screening I attended (which may have been 2% of the total people who saw Observe and Report in theaters) *gasped* at that moment. Nobody is gasping at Let’s Be Cops. It didn’t even try to make people gasp.


Final Thoughts: This is a movie that’s totally watchable, but barely memorable. It’s funnier than an Adam Sandler movie, but worse than a Will Ferrell movie. It will be a staple in Wal-Mart $5 bargain bins in 2016.

6 out of 10

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