Predicting What “No Good Deed” Is About

no good deed 1

I’ve been working a really hectic 10 day editing job which has consumed my life as of late, but I finally had a break in the action and decided to spend it doing what I do best: sitting down in a movie theater (it’s quite the skill).  I actually haven’t been to the theater in about two weeks, as I didn’t see anything last weekend because nothing at all seemed remotely appealing.

Sooooo, let’s see what’s on the ole’ Fandango app for tonight…  [makes disgusted and disappointed frown]  Ewww, what is the deal with September 2014?  Is this the worst month for movie releases in the history of time?  God damn, did anything new even come out?

…OK, well, I have an almost addiction-like craving to go see a movie, so I’ll check out No Good Deed, I guess.  Despite it apparently being #1 at the box office this week, I have no idea what it’s about, and I’ve never heard of it.  I’ve seen no marketing, trailers, or commercials for it, and I didn’t even glance at the plot synopsis.  The only thing I know about it is what the poster they have next to the showtime on the Fandango app looks like.  And I’m going to keep it that way.  I’m gonna have some fun and see if I can guess what this movie is about, based solely on this poster, and then report back afterwords and see how close I was.

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