The 101 Movies I’ve Watched From 2014


Another year down, another bunch of movies I saw.  While there were a high number of crappy and mediocre movies this year, I thought the number of A or B grade films were pretty good, too.  And I’ve only given three 10 out of 10’s in my four-year history of doing this blog, and two of them were from this year.  So good for you, 2014.

So here is my giant list of everything I saw this year, starting with the worst and working its way to the best.  Feel free to read the original reviews of anything you’re curious about that my one sentence blurb doesn’t satisfy you on.  If my grade doesn’t quite match the original score I gave it, it’s probably because I watched it a second time and adjusted my score.

But most importantly, this is just a nice way to nonchalantly sum up an entire year of my writing in one post that you can skim through and ignore in a matter of minutes.  At least I have fun writing them…  Enjoy, you ungrateful bastards!

(here’s my lists from 201320122011)

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