2015 Dino Bone Oscar Picks


I’m back (with my medium accuracy) to pick the Oscar winners!  This year, I’ve strapped myself in a Saw-like torture device that will only deactivate if I get at least a 20 out of 24, so I have to take it really seriously this year!


UPDATE:  Exactly 20 out of 24.  And so I’m released from the machine that was about to spork me to death.

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2015 Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films

2015 animated shorts 00

Year four now of going to the Oscar Nominated Animated Showcase.  My track record for the previous three years has been 2-for-3.  I need a win here.  I need it bad.  3-1 looks way better than 2-2.  Pretty soon I’m gonna have more misses than hits, and you’ll wonder why the hell you’re reading a post by a guy who doesn’t even know what he’s talking about!  Bring on the cartoon dogs and claymation British people, I gotta focus this time!  [Eye of the Tiger starts playing from hidden boom box]

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Lazy Movie Review:: Kingsman: The Secret Service


Premise:  A teen (or was he 20 something? I don’t know) gets chosen to enter the British secret service because his dad was an ex-member.  Meanwhile, an evil billionaire is plotting something diabolical!  Uh oh!  And then it’s up to the spies and their youthful counterparts to stop him!  Yay! ( …I don’t know why I sounded so dismissive of the plot here, I actually liked the movie a lot.  I think I’m just tired)

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Movie Review: Black or White

Black or Sea 01

I’ve been kind of ragging on Kevin Costner’s career lately, probably because he seems to only pick terrible roles in stupid movies anymore.  But he seems like one of the more genuinely nice guys in Hollywood, based on how he acts outside of his movies.  Plus, I like Waterworld.  So I thought I’d give him a break and see his new movie Black or White and just go in there without any cynicism, and kind of just enjoy the performances and evaluate at least how good *he* is in the role, even if the movie may not live up to my expectations.

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