Movie Review: It Follows

it follows 4

Well, March is finally almost over.  It was a pretty good month for everything *except* movies.  I ended up only seeing two films within this month, and while both happened to be pretty good (this and Chappie), it just felt like everything else was unbearably undesirable.  I feel like I should add some additions to my last post for Sean Penn’s Liam Neeson ripoff, and that generic looking Dreamworks movie that I have never seen a commercial for.

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Judging The Movies That I Don’t Want To See In Theaters Right Now



I didn’t see any new movies over this past weekend, probably because everything looked terrible.  So in the spirit of how a lot of people seemed to dump all over Chappie without even seeing it (even though you probably should), I thought I’d just go through my Fandango app right now and see what movies are playing at the theater today that I haven’t seen yet; and then elaborate why I, personally, don’t plan on seeing them.  I think March might have become the new January…!

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Movie Review: Chappie


This is my mandatory opening sentence that appears in every Chappie review that says I loved District 9.  Next up is my obligatory follow-up sentence talking about how disappointed we all collectively were for Elysium.  And of course, the opening paragraph’s closing sentence which asks a hopeful question to the readers: “But will Chappie be a return to glory for Neill Blomkamp?”  I’m just following Chappie review guidelines here, people.

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Phoning In Some Vacation Reviews: Hot Tub Time Machine 2 and Focus

hot tub focus 00

I haven’t been around these parts lately because I’ve been soaking in some sun in Florida on vacation for the last week or so.  And of course, by soaking in some sun, I mean getting sunburnt badly while playing golf and then wearing laughable amounts of clothing layers at the swimming pool later.  When you don’t go outside as much as I normally don’t go outside, it’s pretty easy to forget that sunscreen even exists.

Anyway, I saw two movies while continuing to forget about my real life problems back home, Hot Tub Time Machine 2 and Focus.  Both of which were movies that I mostly forgot about hours later while beating my parents at Bocce ball.  But I guess I could review them, or whatever.  The movies, not the Bocce ball.  My review of Bocce ball is that lazy old people sports are fantastic.

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