Lazy Movie Review:: The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2

mockingjay part 2

Premise:  I actually had to read my review from last year of Mockingjay Part 1 just to remember what happened in it, leading into this one.  And to be honest, I’m not sure what happened in Part 1 that even had great significance in Part 2, other than that wiener kid Peta coming back and Katniss being forced into a relationship with him again for some reason, despite a complete lack of chemistry.  So, to sum up Mockingjay Part 2 into an easy sentence of plot description: Katniss gets into the Capitol, but it’s rigged with hundreds of booby traps, yet the movie kind of ends exactly how you’d expect it to.



-At least there were a couple of cool action scenes in this one.  The scene in the sewer was exceptionally well done in the suspense department, with the cinematography and fake music cues and such.  Probably the least boring part of the movie.

-I don’t want to get heavy into spoilers, but it has a pretty dark twist near the end that I wasn’t really expecting.  Impressive?  Not really.  But it was something.

-It’s a good take on how crappy basically all politicians are.

-Donald Sutherland continues to be a pretty good actor.

-Overall, it’s…  entertaining…  I guess…?  It’s not a poorly made movie from a technical aspect.  It just fails in the general story.  It was probably hard to make this movie, and a lot of work went into it, and it looked nice.  The acting is fine.  Now I’m saying nice things just to say them.

-Lenny Kravitz isn’t in this movie either.




-I really, honestly don’t even remember that much about this movie that I saw only five days ago.  I’m trying really hard to think about scenes that I cared about, or really impacted me in some way, and…  I’m just coming up blank.

-I still do not understand the relationship between Katniss and Peta.  I mean, I get why it’s in this franchise, but they do absolutely nothing to earn this relationship as anything believable; and that applies throughout this entire series.  Should I just say it?  Katniss is clearly *better* than Peta.  Like, she’s doing a serious downgrade by being with that turd.  She’s like Iron Maiden and he’s like the Little River Band.

-Remember when I said that sewer scene was good?  Well, it’s only good until the sewer monsters show up and it turns into a giant, shaky-cam, quick-cut-edited mess, where you can barely tell what’s happening or where anyone is in relation to anything else.

-While I didn’t hate the hot oil tsunami scene either, the proximity of the hot oil to where the characters were running often wouldn’t make sense from one shot to the next.  It can’t be five feet behind them one second, and then they have time to stop and wrestle with each other the next second.  Is it a 400 foot tall wave of pure death, or isn’t it?

-Also, where did all of the hundreds of thousands of people in the now abandoned mega city of The Capitol disappear to when the rebels invaded?  Did I space out when they explained that?

-The climax of the movie, where Katniss has to make a decision on what to do, is so painfully obvious as to what she’s going to choose to do probably five scenes before it actually happens.  And then it went down 100% exactly how I imagined it was about to in my mind.

-It’s sad that this was Philip Seymour Hoffman’s last hoorah.

-The epilogue scene in this was about as riveting as the Harry Potter epilogue.  That’s not a compliment.  In fact, this entire saga sort of ended on a soft fart noise, when it should have ended on a bang.


Final Thoughts:  Talk about a top-heavy franchise…!  The first two movies are legitimately decent, and these last “two” were kind of duds.  They definitely could have made Mockingjay into one three-hour movie and be done with it, but instead they turned (what I hear is) the worst book into two sub-par, still lengthy movies simply to make extra money.  This felt like it got Hobbited.  Hobbited hard.  Hunger Games, how you not the Hobbit…?  Well, now it’s over forever, so let us never speak of the Hunger Games again.  *crosses fingers*  NO SPIN OFFS.  NO SPIN OFFS.  NO SPIN OFFS.

6 out of 10

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