Ranking All the Characters in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

batman v superman header

Much like a lot of of America, I spent part of my Easter weekend seeing the epic battle of Batman V Superman.  And much like my stomach after that turkey and ham dinner from Sunday night, it was bloated and frowney.  So rather than try to make sense of what I saw, I’ll just rank all of the people I can remember who appeared in it, which might be all of them, or it might only be 75% of them.  I’m sure I’m forgetting someone; I did see it four days ago, at 10 pm.  When I got out of the screening, I think it actually was dawn!  It’s a long movie.

Also, I don’t know most of the character names, so don’t get upset if I just say” Laurence Fishburne’s newspaper guy.”

And one last thing… we will now be entering A SPOILER ZONE.  So maybe don’t read this if you have plans on seeing this movie.  Your call, really.  Now it’s a battle in your own mind of Boredom V Curiosity.

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Movie Review: The Bronze

The Bronze 01

Should I have been that surprised that after I bought my ticket to The Bronze on Saturday, I was ushered into the AMC’s smallest theater room, only to find out that I would be the only person attending that screening?  …I suppose not, considering that even *I* had no idea what The Bronze was when I bought a ticket for it…

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