Movie Reviews: Fantastic Beasts, The Edge of Seventeen, and Bad Moms


We’re getting into the thick of the fall movie season, which means there’s a lot of options of movies to check out!  More than I even have time to see.  I think I’m going to be skipping Bad Santa 2 (haven’t seen the first one), Rules Don’t Apply (don’t know what this is), and Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk (the trailer looks stupid).

But what I have to talk about for now covers all the demographics!  From teenage girls to, um, 30-year-old moms to, well, 1920s wizards…  Ok, I can’t really relate to any of this, but I will try!

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Movie Reviews: Doctor Strange, Hacksaw Ridge, Arrival, Sing Street, and The BFG


I went on vacation last week, so I didn’t have time to write anything about the handful of movies I’ve seen recently, but now I’m back and they’ve piled up to the point where I need to just rush through these reviews, because I’m about to get busy again after this.  So here’s the latest on non-Hogwarts wizards (that’s next week), untold WWII stories, moody alien fiction, Irish teenagers, and a computerized giant with nonproportional ears.

Spoiler alert: They all basically got the same grade from me.  I’m a hack!

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