Movie Review: DJANGO (1966)

DJANGO (1966)

In honor of Tarantino’s DJANGO UNCHAINED which dropped in theaters on Christmas Day 2012, the Alamo Drafthouse is going all-out Spaghetti Western at its Austin locations. It started, appropriately, with DJANGO, the 1966 flick starring the blue-eyed beauty Franco Nero. Spaghetti Western nerds were quick to note his cameo in DJANGO UNCHAINED, which was featured in some of the trailers running up to the film’s release.

Franco Nero in DJANGO (1966)

Franco Nero in DJANGO UNCHAINED (2012)

He’s still a blue-eyed beauty. Its seriously impressive how much he still looks like himself. I know that sounds weird but not all dudes age so well…

The original DJANGO focuses on a former Union soldier, Django, and the mischief he gets into when he decides to exact revenge on a racist Confederate, Major Jackson, and his pack of KKK-like cronies. Django ends up in a small frontier town at the mercy of two factions in the area: Jackson’s racist jerks, and a band of Mexican revolutionaries. The town appears to be made up only of a brothel run by the cowardly but well-meaning Nathaniel who pays protection money to Jackson to keep himself and his ladies alive. Enter Django, who baits Jackson into appearing by killing five of his gang members as they attempt to murder a half-Mexican, half-American whore with ties to both sides. Continue reading