Lazy Movie Review: Ant-Man


Premise:  Paul Rudd as a superhero?!  Say whaaaaaaaaaaaat…?!  He plays Scott Lang, an ex-con who went to prison for hacking money back to investors who got screwed over by his company.  He gets recruited by Hank Pym (Michael Douglas), and his daughter Hope Pym (Evangeline Lilly [Kate from Lost]) to steal back the technology Pym tried to hide from his business partner because it’s too powerful and will destroy the world, kind of.  The explosions are apt.

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Ranking All The Characters in Avengers: Age of Ultron

ultron 00

Since this was such a huge movie that surpassed all reason and logic for normal movie reviewing, and since there’s so many characters involved, I thought that I’d avoid comparing whether I liked the explosion 12 minutes in more than the explosion 47 minutes in, and just rank all the characters from best to worst.  Plus, the more I think about it, the one 47 minutes in was way better.

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Movie Review: Kick-Ass 2


Expectations weren’t exactly booming for the sequel to Kick-Ass.  For one thing, the first film barely made any money.  Nobody much cared for it, except for a cult(ish) fanbase of people like me.  I was as surprised as anyone when they announced that a sequel was in the works.  But I kept my expectations moderately low, not because of lack of talent going into the production, but basically because I’d read the sequel comic book, and it’s just not as good as the first one (though, it’s not bad).

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Movie Review: The Avengers (AKA STUFF IT ROBERTS)

Oh hey, just The Avengers hanging out NBD

With literally years of build up The Avengers finally landed in movie theaters this weekend. And wouldn’t ya know it? I got a free advanced screening of the movie! Suck on that Scott! Someone beat you to the punch!

But enough gloating (Screw you Roberts!!), I walked into this movie with very high hopes. Joss Whedon, who a lot of you know has made shows like Buffy, Angel, and Firefly, directed and had writing credits for this movie. Now I have never seen an episode of Firefly (never really wanted to for some reason) but I did actually watch Buffy and Angel (start the jokes now) and I dug that. He also had a fantastic run on Astonishing X-Men. So this guy knows comics.

So I was curious to see how he was going to take all of these loose strands from like 5 movies and tie them all together and make a cohesive story. Luckily he did it in spades. I also mention THERE WILL BE SPOILERS. Continue reading

Tokyo Caught On Paper

It is next to impossible to go to your local comic shop and not see at least a small shelf dedicated to manga. Perusing this area is usually an assault on the eyes. A mix of big block lettering, big haircuts, but a small selection when it comes to genre choices. That’s because most manga is geared towards young jerks, who are just interested in reading shonen manga, as opposed to something that might engage their mind (comics can do that naysayers!). Their idea of Japan, more specifically Tokyo, slowly being converted into one large stereotype. That of cosplay characters and mecha. Continue reading

Manga Worth Reading

Do you ever get tired of reading shit like Bleach and One Piece?  Tired of reading manga that just goes on and on with no end until it gets so stale and predictable that you curse yourself every time you pick up a new volume?  Well good, you are evolving out of your retarded otaku stage and into a functioning human being with real taste.  Fact is, there is way better manga out there, and it has totally eluded you… UNTIL NOW!  That’s right, because I am here to tell you what to read. Continue reading

Uncanny X-Force and A Couple Other Great Comics Out There

For the the better part of 4 years I have gotten back into comic books. And as stated earlier in this blog there have been some great books as well as some bloated event-style comics (even though I really enjoyed Civil War based solely on how awesome Captain America is). And with all the different publishers out there, there is a a ton of stuff to wade through (even though there is a simple equation I’ve used lately Jeph Loeb + Ultimate Universe = Horseshit. Actually, Jeph Loeb books not counting The Long Halloween = Horseshit.) So I’ve decided to compile a little list, in no particular order, of some great comics that are out there. Continue reading

Most blogs are stupid and not journalism

I don’t really have much to say here other than basically what the title says.  I was stumbling today (my job since I am unemployed) and I came across some early Bill Watterson comics.  Sweet!, I think.  I want to see more of these!  So I look at the bottom of this blog and it says, “See the rest at such and such site”  so I click on the link which leads me to… another repost.  Alright, that was pretty shotty work by that guy but now I can get to the REAL link.  I click on the next link which leads me to… another repost.  What the hell?  Alright this one straight up says that they found these pictures on reddit so I know I am going to be lead to yet another repost.  I click on the link which takes me to reddit which then allows me to find the ORIGINAL link with all the pictures.  None of the previous links had the original material that I was looking for, yet I was told that that is where I could find it.  I have had this happen before when looking at news articles too.  People get paid to make these posts.  Half the time they don’t even add much of their own commentary.  The sad thing is, that this is what is becoming the main way that people get their news.  The news is basically just cut down to blurbs and half the time, isn’t even a primary source.  I had hread that something similar happened to TV news in its hay day.  Back in the day, when you were to watch the news, and they might talk about say, a politicians speech.  They would show a rather large clip of the speech to give the viewers an idea of the true context of what the person was talking about.  People don’t want that though, so now if you want to say anything and have it heard on the news, it has to be said in 5 to 10 second sound bytes which barely provide any real information at all.  This is essentially what blogging is.  No one wants to really know anything, they just want to feel like they do.  That’s what blogging provides.

PS here is the ORIGINAL post of the early Bill Watterson comics.  Sure it is old and crummy looking, but look at how much info there is about the comics.  The other reposts barely had any information other than the pictures

Two comics you should be reading

If you are anything like me, you are sick and tired of mainstream comic serials  A guy can only take so many soap opera-esque plots before he wants to shoot himself in the head.  No, what I want is SUBSTANCE from my comics.  I don’t need heroes that can fly, fight crime and so forth.  What I want is just to be entertained by unique stories that don’t feel like they have already been shoved down my throat time and time again.  To the casual comic book reader though, it may seem like that is all that is out there.  Well I have good news for you!  There are tons of comics out there that aren’t made by either DC or Marvel and that don’t have anything to do with super heroes! Continue reading