Lazy Movie Review: Why Don’t You Play in Hell?

playin in hell you guys

Premise:  It’s a Japanese action/comedy that has kind of a mouthful of a plot.  It starts 10 years in the past, as a group of young guerrilla filmmakers (who hilariously/randomly call themselves “The F*** Bombers”) aspire to make one truly great film in their lifetime.  Elsewhere, the daughter of a Yakuza boss who stars in commercials walks in on the bloody aftermath of her mom killing four dudes from a rival Yakuza clan, which causes the mom goes to jail for the next 10 years for murder.  Now, in present day, the bratty daughter is all grown up and gets tangled with a wimpy, clueless nerd who gets the ultimatum to either film a future (real life) raid of a rival Yakuza clan in a movie with his daughter as the star (as a get-out-of-jail present for the mom), or die.  Then fate has the F*** Bombers (now an even more pathetic group of losers) get re-intertwined and can finally make their grand movie; and the whole spectacle of it all is pretty hilarious and nutty.

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Lazy Movie Review: The Wolverine


Premise: A guy who Wolverine saved from an atomic blast in WWII is dying, and would like to say goodbye to his mutant friend, so he buys Logan some plane tickets.  Once he gets there, Wolverine has a badass Japanese adventure.  Fun Fact:  Hugh Jackman has now played Wolverine in six movies.  Seven after next year.

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Tokyo Caught On Paper

It is next to impossible to go to your local comic shop and not see at least a small shelf dedicated to manga. Perusing this area is usually an assault on the eyes. A mix of big block lettering, big haircuts, but a small selection when it comes to genre choices. That’s because most manga is geared towards young jerks, who are just interested in reading shonen manga, as opposed to something that might engage their mind (comics can do that naysayers!). Their idea of Japan, more specifically Tokyo, slowly being converted into one large stereotype. That of cosplay characters and mecha. Continue reading

Overlooked Tokyo

Congratulations, you have visited the most boring place in Tokyo!... Now lets go somewhere fun.

One of the biggest mistakes travelers to Tokyo make is staying on the Yamanote line and visiting only the big places (Shibuya, Shinjuku etc). These places are great don’t get me wrong. Americans for sure, will certainly be blown away by the hustle and bustle of these places. They make Time Square look like a suburban main street. There is just so much more offered in Tokyo though and it takes just a little extra effort to find some great places. Tokyo has an amazing subway system SO USE IT. Here are three of my favorite places in the Tokyo area that can be easily overlooked Continue reading

Manga Worth Reading

Do you ever get tired of reading shit like Bleach and One Piece?  Tired of reading manga that just goes on and on with no end until it gets so stale and predictable that you curse yourself every time you pick up a new volume?  Well good, you are evolving out of your retarded otaku stage and into a functioning human being with real taste.  Fact is, there is way better manga out there, and it has totally eluded you… UNTIL NOW!  That’s right, because I am here to tell you what to read. Continue reading

So you call yourself a Japanophile? Two movies that every Japanophile should watch.

When I was in high school, I fell in love with anime.  I would watch Dragonball Z every day.  I would spend my hard earned dollars on expensive dvds (at that time anime was hard to come by and expensive).  Later, when I had high speed internet and learned of torrents, I downloaded hours upon hours of anime.  I LOVED anime.  In fact, half the reason why I first went to Japan was because of my love of anime.  I wanted to see the packed trains, school girls, maids and crowds first hand.  All of my knowledge of Japan came from anime.  This is how most people in America who love Japanese culture, get their information about Japan

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