Late To The Game: The Last Of Us


Full disclosure, I LOVE Naughty Dog.  I LOVE the Uncharted games.  So it was no surprise to anyone that I had greatly anticipated the release of The Last Of Us.  It takes a special game to cause me to actually pay full price for it.  I made sure to pick up The Last Of Us the day it came out.  All I have to say is, the bar has been raised.

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Game Review: The Walking Dead


This review is Spoiler Free.

I first started playing The Walking Dead this past September after hearing critics and fans praise the game’s story driven qualities.   I was definitely interested, but at the same time, buying into an episodic title still felt a little off to me.  For some reason, I felt that it was something like a cash grab and that I’d be hit with a middling quality, all because each episode was $4.99.  Do yourself a favor and get over any qualms you have. Continue reading

RAPED By Video Games

If you couldn’t tell from the title, we video game players, gamers if you will, are a passionate bunch. Since the stereotypical gamer ventures forth into the dating world at a crippled pace, we are forced to pour our hearts into video games. Much like romance and relationships though, video game relationships can go bad too. They can seem so great on paper with their flashy graphics or new concepts, but it is not until after you have spent your money and time that you realize that your new object of affection was nothing more than a smooth talking con-artist. You walk away scarred from the experience, slightly more wary the next time around. Hopefully you learn your lesson and don’t experience the disappointment again. Unfortunately, there are times where a game is so deceitful and evil, that it doesn’t just break your heart. It rapes you. Sometimes a game will lure you in, get you to feel comfortable and safe, only to take advantage of you. Now that I am an adult, these assaults rarely happen to me anymore. Most of my video game rapes happened to enthusiastic youth. As we all know, it’s much easier to rape a child than an adult and those dirty developers know it. I’d like to say that I am smart enough not to let this happen to me anymore but I’d like to start with a very recent video game rape that happened to me just last week.  Continue reading

Hey Video Games, STOP DOING THAT!

It seems like any game from any genre that comes out currently, must have a fucking fetch quest. I am referring to a mission where there is absolutely no challenge, other than finding an absurd amount of whatever, be it statues, shards, cars, film reels, musical notes, coins, etc. I am totally sick of these missions. There is absolutely no fun in finishing them. They are basically just a chore for us achievement grinders out there. The achievement isn’t a test of skill, but of patience. Honestly, some of these fetch missions are getting ridiculous.

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