Game Review: The Walking Dead


This review is Spoiler Free.

I first started playing The Walking Dead this past September after hearing critics and fans praise the game’s story driven qualities.   I was definitely interested, but at the same time, buying into an episodic title still felt a little off to me.  For some reason, I felt that it was something like a cash grab and that I’d be hit with a middling quality, all because each episode was $4.99.  Do yourself a favor and get over any qualms you have. Continue reading

Batman: Arkham City, Great Game, Not Perrrrrfect

So, even though this game came out several weeks ago, I just finished all the missions and Riddler trophies this week so I figure I’ll rate it now. This game is great but it isn’t perfect. My goodness people, we throw out perfect game ratings as if they are easy to achieve. I think think a perfect game rating should not be given out unless a game is ACTUALLY perfect. AKA, story, gameplay, graphics, music, replay value etc, are all flawless. This game, for its genre, is very very good. I mean, its close to perfect. But I still have a couple of complaints. That means in my eyes, it isn’t perfect. We have to be a little more stingy with our perfect game ratings people. THAT BEING SAID, lets look at this game

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