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Scott (scottodactyl) is the main contributor of Dino Bone content.  He sees movies just about every weekend, and often times throughout the weekdays as well.  He’s a freelance video editor as his chosen profession, so he has a keen eye for film pacing and shot composition and all that kinda stuff.  He actually spent time and money going to film school as well (AND GRADUATED WITH A FILM DEGREE, FROM A REAL UNIVERSITY).  So, uh, how many more credentials do you need from the guy?  LEAVE HIM ALONE.





Professor Keith

Professor Keith

Keith (dinosaurboner) was the original admin of the site, until Scott moved in on his turf and started updating like a madman (if 3 times a week is like a madman).  Now he and Scott hold weekly knife fights to determine admin status.  If you notice any typos in our work, it’s because we’re missing several fingers.

Keith also lived the happiest few years of his life in Japan, but now he lives a life of subtle regret and quiet pain in America.


The Conman

Joe (Conosaurous Flex) is a sometimes contributor for Dino Bone.  He originally posted more, but was blinded in a terrible car fire (or he just doesn’t have time, I don’t remember, one of the two).  Anyway, lookout for his famous apple pie recipe posts, they are amazing!  The secret ingredient is love.

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