Lazy Movie Review: Rush

Film Title: Rush

Premise:  Let me set the scene, man…  It’s 1976, and we’re talkin’ Formula One Racing shit, bro.  In one car, there’s James Hunt; a British poon-hound with long blonde hair, played by Chris Helmsworth (Hemsworth?  Helm?  Hem?  I don’t know, whatever, THOR).  He’s only here to do two things: drink some beer and win the Formula One racing circuit.  And it looks like he’s allllll out of beer.  In the other car is Niki Lauda (played by Daniel Brühl, the sniper guy from Inglorious Basterds), a straight-talking Austrian with a strict attitude and a desire to follow the rules.  Lauda likes his cars to be exactly 180 cm wide.  Hunt likes his cars to be “Who gives a shit?  Let’s party!” cm wide.  Now, thanks to an angry judge, the two are forced to live with each other in a swanky Brooklyn apartment.  Will they get along?  Who will ask Olivia on a date first?  Can they both work together at the same pizza shop at the mall?  You’ll find out all of these answers on “RUSH TO CONCLUSIONS“, this fall on CBS.

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Movie Review: World War Z


So I guess the obvious speculation based on the previews were correct; World War Z is nothing like the fantastic book that it’s based on.  Given that the book provides a plethora is great material to include in a film version, the cinematic adaptation basically just resorted to focusing on their A-list star running all over the globe trying to find “patient zero.”  I guess I’m disappointed that we weren’t gifted any of the source material, but at the same time I’m pleasantly surprised that the movie that resulted from just being an in-name only adaptation of World War Z actually ended up being sort of good…!

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Lazy Movie Review: The Place Beyond the Pines


Premise:  If it’s not obvious by his awful tattoo selection, stunt motorcyclist Luke (Ryan Gosling) makes terrible life choices.  Most recently, he has knocked up a young woman (Eva Mendes) he met the previous time he was in Schenectady, NY, and now feels obligated to take care of his one-year-old son.  His best means of providing for his son in the quickest way possible?  Robbing banks.  Meanwhile, rookie cop Avery (Brad Cooper) is also raising a one year old son, while struggling to deal with the internal corruption of the Schenectady police department.  Perhaps in the future, these two gentlemen’s sons will meet in high school?  PREDICTABLE SPOILER ALERT:  THEY DO.

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Movie Review: Cloud Atlas

The first thing most people seem to say when they see the Cloud Atlas trailer is, “uhhhh…  what…?”  I was in the same boat as the large chunk of viewers who watched the trailer and couldn’t tell you remotely what it was about.  So, despite the mixed reviews and almost three-hour running time, I was still pretty intrigued to see Cloud Atlas.  Mainly just so I could attempt to understand the basic plot of what appeared to be one of the most confusing looking movies of our time.

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Beer Hoptacular 2012!


If you live in the Chicago area, you should go to Beer Hoptacular.

What is Beer Hoptacular, you ask?  Well, that’s a good question.  Quite simply, it’s a vast showcase of many fine craft beers.  Beers you will drink the shit out of.  You can go there, have fun, and fall in love with many new brands of craft beer.  There’s also food pairing!  Think about that…  you can learn what beer to drink with certain foods for an OPTIMAL FLAVOR EXPERIENCE.  I was pretty much sold at beer and food.  But I’m a man of simple indulgences.

Not gonne lie…  One of the reasons I’m so excited to get you to come to Beer Hoptacular is that I edited the above video for them. BUT, this isn’t just some shameless self promotion of my freelance editing job…  I’m actually going to Beer Hoptacular myself, and will be covering it on this very blog [I’m going to Session 3, the Saturday night one].  But I don’t think reading about it the next day here will do it justice, really, as we lack the technology to be able to taste beer through our computer monitors.  So you’ll have to go and taste beer yourself.  I want YOU to go because I know it will be FUN.

It takes place November 9th and November 10th at Riverfront Theater in Chicago.  Tickets are on sale NOW.  They are $45.  It sold out several weeks in advance last year, so hurry up and get tickets!

I mean, you not coming means shorter beer lines for *me*, so it’s not like I’m doing myself a favor by telling you about this.  But I support fun, so I support Beer Hoptacular.