Rental Roundup: The Heat; Stoker; Computer Chess


Here’s some more 2013 films I’ve caught up on recently that I missed on their theatrical runs, and are now available for rent on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Redbox, etc…

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Lazy Movie Review: Out of the Furnace

ourt of the furnace

Premise:  Russell (Christian Bale) is a mill worker in Pennsylvania (I think) who has a haphazard mistake occur, and lands himself some prison time.  Meanwhile, his brother Rodney (Casey Affleck) is a former marine who know finds himself struggling to get a job, and without his big brother around to help pay off debts, he tangles himself up in a bare-knuckle boxing ring fronted by a crazy New Jersey redneck named Harlan (Woody Harrelson).  Now old-Batman has to try to find out what happened to new-Batman’s little brother.

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Movie Review: Dallas Buyers Club


Based on the true story of Ron Woodroof (played by Matthew McConaughey), Dallas Buyers Club chronicles the life of a Texas hustler in the 1980s, when he gets a surprise diagnosis of HIV, at a time when it was destroying the gay community.  Unable to get any medication for his problem, because everything was still in a testing phase at that point, he takes matters into his own hands and starts smuggling medication in from other countries and selling them to other patients out of his apartment.  I think McConaughey takes his shirt of in this (I’m sure it’s in his contract for most films), but I don’t recall it being a pleasant sight, because he method acted the shit out of this movie and lost a ton of weight.

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Lazy Movie Review: Rush

Film Title: Rush

Premise:  Let me set the scene, man…  It’s 1976, and we’re talkin’ Formula One Racing shit, bro.  In one car, there’s James Hunt; a British poon-hound with long blonde hair, played by Chris Helmsworth (Hemsworth?  Helm?  Hem?  I don’t know, whatever, THOR).  He’s only here to do two things: drink some beer and win the Formula One racing circuit.  And it looks like he’s allllll out of beer.  In the other car is Niki Lauda (played by Daniel Brühl, the sniper guy from Inglorious Basterds), a straight-talking Austrian with a strict attitude and a desire to follow the rules.  Lauda likes his cars to be exactly 180 cm wide.  Hunt likes his cars to be “Who gives a shit?  Let’s party!” cm wide.  Now, thanks to an angry judge, the two are forced to live with each other in a swanky Brooklyn apartment.  Will they get along?  Who will ask Olivia on a date first?  Can they both work together at the same pizza shop at the mall?  You’ll find out all of these answers on “RUSH TO CONCLUSIONS“, this fall on CBS.

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Movie Review: World War Z


So I guess the obvious speculation based on the previews were correct; World War Z is nothing like the fantastic book that it’s based on.  Given that the book provides a plethora is great material to include in a film version, the cinematic adaptation basically just resorted to focusing on their A-list star running all over the globe trying to find “patient zero.”  I guess I’m disappointed that we weren’t gifted any of the source material, but at the same time I’m pleasantly surprised that the movie that resulted from just being an in-name only adaptation of World War Z actually ended up being sort of good…!

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