Lazy Movie Review: Epic


Premise: So this girl gets shrunken down to a few inches tall, and gets caught up in this war about destroying the forest or something broad like that, and then everything works out in the end or whatever and she becomes big again.  The ticket prices were EPIC, though… $28 for two adults and a kid at 11am on a Sunday…!   Plus, it’s from the Ice Age animation studio… (fart noise)   At least the whole movie wasn’t just a dream sequence or something.

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Movie Review: Les Miserables


As a preface to this review, I’d just like to note that I’m not the biggest fan of (non-comedy) musicals.  Not even this specific musical, but just in general.  However, there are a few real musicals, like West Side Story, that I genuinely enjoy.  Because they sort of follow the film musical formula that works.  Whether or not Les Miserables follows that formula I’ll get to in a minute, but regardless, it’s a pretty entertaining film at its core.

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