My Dino Bone Christmas Gift: 20 Mini-Reviews Of All The Junk I’ve Seen Lately

christmas 2015 00 header

I like to give back to our readers here, so I thought I’d give you the gift of 20 mini reviews of all of the movies from 2015 that I’ve seen over the last few months, but haven’t reviewed yet.  I got majorly backlogged with movies to write reviews for, and if I don’t do it now all at once, I know I’ll never do it.

So if your Uncle Tony starts to get a little *too* opinionated on Muslim refugees while you’re waiting for Christmas dinner; pull out this list, zone out, and ignore the (now) screaming match that he and your dad have surely gotten into while your grandma begs them to “Stop it, boys!  It’s Christmaaaaaaas!“.

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Movie Review: Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak 0

Dare I say it?  This is the most exciting movie I’ve ever seen about clay mining?  I don’t think I’ve thought hard enough to make a final judgement, but it’s certainly in my top 50 clay mining movies.  That’s for sure.

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Lazy Movie Review: Pacific Rim

pacific rim

Premise:  An alien attack is happening via the ocean, as giant monsters (referred to in the film 50 times as kaiju) are destroying coastal cities.  The humans of Earth put aside their differences in order to try and stop the monsters, by building huge robots (referred to in the film 50 times as jaegers) designed to punch the monsters until they fall over.  But the monsters start getting bigger, and coming in greater numbers, so I think its safe to say that it has never felt more logical for me to keep living in Illinois than it does in Pacific Rim’s scenario.

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Movie Review: Mama


I initially thought Mama was a much better than it actually is… When I was walking out of the theater I was sort of beaming. I love watching a horror movie that actually creeps me out a little bit. But a couple of days have passed, and I slowly started to realize that Mama wasn’t a horror revelation of any kind, it was merely just better than most of the terrible horror movies I’m used to seeing.

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