Ensemble Avalanche! Black Mass vs. Everest


Over the weekend I saw six movies’ worth of acting talent crammed into two movies, as the casting directors for Black Mass and Everest went a little nuts.  I think the industry term is castlust.  “Just one more guy, man, just let me cram one more B-list actor into this scene!  I know a guy who can get you Adam Scott real cheap, man!  Just let me stick him in the shot, man!”

Anyway, I’ll help you make the decision on which of these movies you should see, or if you should just go see the new Maze Runner movie, which I’ve been quoting from the commercials more than any movie I’ve actually seen in theaters lately.  “YOU’LL NEVER SURVIVE ONE DAY IN THE SCORCH!” is a sentence my fiance is certainly sick of hearing me yell out of nowhere by now.

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An Early Dinosaur Boner Christmas: 13 Mini Movie Reviews


The last couple of months have been very strange/busy/sad/crazy.  I haven’t had all the time in the world to full write movie reviews for everything new I’ve seen, hence all the Lazy Movie Reviews lately.  Well, it’s about to get even lazier!  I’ve seen a bunch of random movies released this year, and if I don’t just poop them all out in one big post I’ll probably never get around to reviewing them.  So here they are:

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