Lazy Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Premise:  Spider-Man is back after I don’t quite remember where he left off, since I haven’t seen the first Spider-Man of the new reboot trilogy all the way through since it came out in theaters.  But now Peter is dating Gwen Stacy, he’s seeing the ghost of Dennis Leary ALL over the place, and he’s kinda just enjoying being Spider-Man; even if the city doesn’t give much back to him.  Unfortunately, a guy has accidentally fallen into a vat of radioactive electric eels, and another guy has taken experimental green super drugs, so now there are two new supervillians roaming the streets of New York.  Missing, though, is the stereotypical Italian guy with a tank top holding a pizza while shouting at The Green Goblin “Hey budday, you mess wit Spidah-Man, you mess wit New York!”  But you can’t have everything.

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Lazy Movie Review:: Thor: The Dark World

thor two

Premise:  If you strip away the context that Thor 2 is a major Marvel comic book movie, and you try to describe the premise, it actually comes out as a hilariously strange concept from the get-go…  It’s a movie about a Norse god who lives in a rainbow space castle across the universe who can fly by using a magic hammer, who must overcome a species of elves who fly high-powered space ships, because they’re trying to destroy all the light in the universe.  If this wasn’t based on the classic source material, could you imagine someone trying to pitch that film to an executive?

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Uncanny X-Force and A Couple Other Great Comics Out There

For the the better part of 4 years I have gotten back into comic books. And as stated earlier in this blog there have been some great books as well as some bloated event-style comics (even though I really enjoyed Civil War based solely on how awesome Captain America is). And with all the different publishers out there, there is a a ton of stuff to wade through (even though there is a simple equation I’ve used lately Jeph Loeb + Ultimate Universe = Horseshit. Actually, Jeph Loeb books not counting The Long Halloween = Horseshit.) So I’ve decided to compile a little list, in no particular order, of some great comics that are out there. Continue reading