Movie Review: Tammy


After seeing the countless commercials and trailers for Tammy over the last few months, the biggest driving force for me to go see it was the simple question in my head: “What is the actual plot of this movie?”  The marketing certainly doesn’t give any indication of a grandiose plot element that drives the movie forward.  Is there a plot?  Or is this merely a showcase for Melissa McCarthy to do her (now) standard “oafish dumb lady” routine without constraint?  When does she get mixed up with a nearly identical lady in the witness protection program and then unknowingly chased by the mob?  Or when does she get confused as a rich socialite and has to pretend to be classy for a weekend?  Surely this isn’t just a movie about Melissa McCarthy and Susan Sarandon driving places?

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Lazy Movie Review: The Counselor


Premise:  Directed by Ridley Scott and written by Cormac McCarthy, The Counselor is a story about a lawyer only referred to as “Counselor,” who gets tangled up in some sort of bad drug deal or something?  Brad Pitt plays a cowboy or something?  And Cameron Diaz thinks she’s a cheetah or something?  I’m going to be 100% honest with you, I couldn’t tell you all the details of this convoluted story even if you threatened to decapitate me, which is something that happens like three times in this movie.

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Lazy Movie Review: Escape From Tomorrow

escape from tomorrow header

Premise:  A guy is informed that he’s losing his job while on vacation with his family at Disney World.  So he gets drunk and (possibly?) starts having weird visions, and there’s (possibly?) some big conspiracy.  I don’t know.  The plot is kind of a half-thought.  Escape From Tomorrow is more widely known as the film that was shot (mostly) at Disney World (and its many hotel rooms), without the permission of Disney.  I think at the current time, Disney isn’t taking any action against them, as to not give the film any more publicity.  Good move on Disney’s part, because this movie probably doesn’t deserve much more publicity.

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