Looking Back at Last Week’s Thanksgiving Release Movies

Thanksgiving 15 header

I watched four movies over the long holiday weekend, because I have nothing better to do with my free time; but I don’t have *enough* free time to write four full reviews of these movies…  So I’ll just write-up a few hot takes in one big post while I struggle to digest all the turkey and bacon sandwiches I’ve eaten over the last few days.  Do TUMS help your digestion, or just bottle it up worse?  Welcome to my plight.

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Theater Roundup: Inside Out, Love & Mercy, and Dope

tr june 01 dope

I’ve sort of taken a hiatus from writing for a few weeks because I’ve been feeling extremely under the weather lately, and haven’t had motivation to write much of anything, but I’m feeling a little better today, and I’ve seen a few new movies, so maybe it will feel good to do a few quick write ups!  Here goes!

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2014 Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films


This is my third year in a row going over the Oscar nominated animated short films, and in the previous two years I predicted the correct winners, so I feel like there’s some decent credibility for my cartoon watching building up here.  That will only make it that much more hilarious when I totally get it wrong this year.  Because this time around, surprisingly, not a single entry was terrible, but nothing really stood out as a super clear front-runner either…

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Movie Review: Brave

I think a major problem with the criticism of Brave is that it unfairly gets compared the rest of Pixar’s brilliance.  If I were to compare Brave to Pixar’s best films, it certainly would seemk shitty.  And as I would right now actually compare it to the rest of Pixar’s stuff, I would wholeheartedly say that Brave is a lesser work from the studio.  But judged on its own…?

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