Lazy Movie Review:: Kingsman: The Secret Service


Premise:  A teen (or was he 20 something? I don’t know) gets chosen to enter the British secret service because his dad was an ex-member.  Meanwhile, an evil billionaire is plotting something diabolical!  Uh oh!  And then it’s up to the spies and their youthful counterparts to stop him!  Yay! ( …I don’t know why I sounded so dismissive of the plot here, I actually liked the movie a lot.  I think I’m just tired)

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Lazy Movie Review: Epic


Premise: So this girl gets shrunken down to a few inches tall, and gets caught up in this war about destroying the forest or something broad like that, and then everything works out in the end or whatever and she becomes big again.  The ticket prices were EPIC, though… $28 for two adults and a kid at 11am on a Sunday…!   Plus, it’s from the Ice Age animation studio… (fart noise)   At least the whole movie wasn’t just a dream sequence or something.

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Lazy Movie Review: The Campaign

Premise:  Will Ferrell has been running unopposed for four straight terms as a Carolina congressman.  He’s the typical brash power-trip politician.  He spits buzz phrases like “Support our troops!” at the end of every speech (just cuz), he takes bribes from overseas businesses, and he cheats on his wife (and she doesn’t care, because she’s in it for the power trip as well).  But when his evil financial backers want a change, they push small town wierdo Zach Galifianakis into the mix.  And it becomes a semi-brilliant, semi-retarded battle of comedy styles in what may be one of the best forgettable comedies I’ve ever seen.

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