Brooklyn vs. Krampus: Basically the Same Movie


I saw two movies in theaters recently that were basically the same film told by different directors; Brooklyn and Krampus.  They’ve both been the talk of indie movie town lately, so I thought I’d group them together into a quick little review.

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Movie Review: Labor Day

labor day 1

When I first saw the trailer for Labor Day, my immediate reaction was [LOUD OBNOXIOUS FART NOISE].  And I wasn’t really planning on seeing it, as you can obviously tell by my LOUD OBNOXIOUS FART NOISE.  I mean, what the hell is this?  Some fugative is feeding chili to Kate Winslet?  So what?  But then I decided to give the movie a chance because, first and foremost, I had nothing better to do.  But secondly, I like Jason Reitman.  Not just as a filmmaker, but I also think he’s a really interesting dude in interviews and publications as well.  Plus, Up in the Air is one of my favorite movies of the 2000’s.  So, I figure this can’t be the worst thing in the world, right?

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Movie Review: The Spectacular Now


About a month ago, I won free advance tickets to The Spectacular Now courtesy of /Film, but when we drove all the way to the city, it turned out the show was overbooked by about 50 people, and we didn’t end up getting seats.  Now, last night, as The Spectacular Now has begun playing in regular suburban theaters in wide release, my girlfriend and I were literally the only two people in the entire theater…  Kind of a comical twist of fate for the movie, but it shouldn’t be a surprising one.  The film had all of the critical praise and great word of mouth to make it a knockout on the festival circuit, and something of a powerhouse indie film to target for a swanky advance-screening process for film fanatics.  But then it kind of forgot that it needed to do some advertising (was there any advertising?) if it was going to be wide-released across the country.  The girl at the concession stand last night, after being told of our advance screening plight, said she’d never even heard of the movie (key aspect of that: she works at a movie theater) and that we wouldn’t have a problem getting a seat this time around!

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