My Dino Bone Christmas Gift: 20 Mini-Reviews Of All The Junk I’ve Seen Lately

christmas 2015 00 header

I like to give back to our readers here, so I thought I’d give you the gift of 20 mini reviews of all of the movies from 2015 that I’ve seen over the last few months, but haven’t reviewed yet.  I got majorly backlogged with movies to write reviews for, and if I don’t do it now all at once, I know I’ll never do it.

So if your Uncle Tony starts to get a little *too* opinionated on Muslim refugees while you’re waiting for Christmas dinner; pull out this list, zone out, and ignore the (now) screaming match that he and your dad have surely gotten into while your grandma begs them to “Stop it, boys!  It’s Christmaaaaaaas!“.

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Lazy Movie Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel

grand budapest

Premise:  Told through an almost Inception-like layering of voice over narration, a teenage girl reads a book narrated by an older writer who recounts his younger self narrating a story that was originally narrated by an older version of a lobby boy who worked with a world-famous hotel concierge when he was younger.  The actors involved in that sentence were Tom Wilkinson, Jude Law, F. Murray Abraham, and Ralph Fiennes; in that order.  It’s also the newest Wes Anderson movie, so expect plenty of dry humor, center alignment, and consistent fonts.  And as expected, people still write each other hand-written notes in playfully whimsical cursive lettering.

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Movie Review: The Host


Get ready for another entry into Hollywood’s recent obsession with giving teenagers supernatural powers, or something…  Or whatever…  Is it sad to say that I miss the era of movies when we were force-fed film after film about little British children going on magical adventures?  Well, let’s not say things we can’t take back, but neither genre is particularly flattering (except Harry Potter, OBVIOUSLY).

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