2015 Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films

2015 animated shorts 00

Year four now of going to the Oscar Nominated Animated Showcase.  My track record for the previous three years has been 2-for-3.  I need a win here.  I need it bad.  3-1 looks way better than 2-2.  Pretty soon I’m gonna have more misses than hits, and you’ll wonder why the hell you’re reading a post by a guy who doesn’t even know what he’s talking about!  Bring on the cartoon dogs and claymation British people, I gotta focus this time!  [Eye of the Tiger starts playing from hidden boom box]

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Movie Review: The ABCs of Death 2

abcs of death 01

It’s time for round two of ABCs of Death!  The first time around, the wacky experience resulted in a few real gems, and a lot of “what the hell was that?” and “ewww gross…”  I’m sure the second time that 26 filmmakers from around the world gather their work together to show 26 forms of death for each letter of the alphabet will, well, probably be exactly the same, I’m guessing.  Let’s sift through the weirdness!

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2014 Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films


This is my third year in a row going over the Oscar nominated animated short films, and in the previous two years I predicted the correct winners, so I feel like there’s some decent credibility for my cartoon watching building up here.  That will only make it that much more hilarious when I totally get it wrong this year.  Because this time around, surprisingly, not a single entry was terrible, but nothing really stood out as a super clear front-runner either…

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2013 Oscar Nominated Animated Short Films

adam and dog

I went to go see the short film Oscar nominees last year, and had a great time.  I even made the correct choice of winner because I had the chance to see all of the nominees.  The 2012 presentation of the shorts was kind of a slapped together presentation.  Title cards were placed over a generic cloud background rather unceremoniously.  But people still went to see them in theaters and it made more money than they had hoped for.  So this year we got a brand new slick presentation, with fancier title cards, and commentary by last years winners on topics ranging from making their film to the creative process to the feeling of hearing their name get announced at the awards show.  There were even trailers before the show this time.  It was nice to break up the straightforward approach and not make it feel like an endless string of short films.  So if it makes a lot of money again this year, I hope next year we can have 3D title cards.  It’s the natural progression.

Anyway, here are the shorts:

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Movie Review: Movie 43


I hope you’re all enjoying January, everybody!  A winter wonderland of rejected movies that studios are scared to release any other time of the year.  In most cases, it seems like a justifiable move, as most January releases are terrible.  I actually like that they do this.  It’s a heads-up that what you are about to see will be awful.  A full month of lowered expectations.  Now, I see movies pretty much every weekend, so I’m quite aware that I won’t like what I see this time of the year, but I watch them anyway.  Probably out of boredom.  In Movie 43’s case, I saw it out of morbid curiosity.

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2012 Oscar Picks


[UPDATE]  14 out of 24.  Sounds about right.

Just to have a record of what I said somewhere, so that when I get them all correct on Sunday (haha, what a joke, doubt I’ve ever done better than 60%), here are my Oscar picks for this year. Feel free to tell us your picks, or just make a mockery of my picks (I don’t mind).
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