Spooky Halloween Horror Movie Reviews!


Happy Halloween!  I hope you’re all planning a night of horrifying delight; full of witchcraft, séances, devilry, and all out evil!  Bwahahaha!  …Or a night of dressing like a sexy paper towel roll and getting drunk on pumpkin vodka.  Ya know, either is good, really.

But if you’re planning on sitting at home and doing nothing [raises hand], here are some frightful horror movie reviews for you to read.  Some frightful because of their content; others frightful because I had to sit through them.  I’m even busting out the colored text for this one.  Enjoy your eye pain, guys and ghouls!

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Expectations vs Reality: Jack Reacher 2, Hunt for the Wilderpeople, The Infiltrator, and Mascots


This week in movie reviews I’ll be observing the expectations of the new movies I recently watched, followed by the reality of what they were actually like.  Kind of like the expectation that this Dino Bone post will be as good as the last one you read, which if you haven’t been around this site for very long, you will soon discover to be a disappointing reality.

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Movie Reviews: Deepwater Horizon, The Boss, Swiss Army Man, and Clown


Hey, if you like movies, here’s quite a spread of new mini reviews for you.  They all have the common theme of…  ummmm…  Corporate greed?  No…  Dirty make-up?  Almost…  Ummm… Things blowing up?  No, not that one…  Comedy?  Hmmm, maybe.  Except that first one isn’t very funny.  At all.  Well, they are all movies released in 2016, right?  Unless you count their film festival or overseas premieres…  WHATEVER.  Just read these stupid reviews, already…!  Yeesh.

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