Perfect Albums

Ah the perfect album. One of those albums where you know every lyric, you love every song, and after you hear one song from it you have to listen to the rest. They are rare, but when you find one, your life just seems just a little less crappy. You get a little bounce in your step when you listen to it. They can conjure up vivid memories when you listen to them. I haven’t found many, but here is a list of my perfect albums. They range from embarrassing to legendary. I’ll start with an embarrassing one.

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Worst Top 10 Ever Made?

Wow, I have seen some really bad top 10’s but this takes the cake.  Jack and Jill only belongs on a top ten list for travesties against humanity.  In fact, to really appreciate how much of a slap in the face that movie is, direct your eyes once again to Red Letter Media.  I would say that this list was made to troll us, but it isn’t trolly enough.  I am disgusted by this list.  This list is what is wrong with America.  This person summed it up in less than 1000 words.  If you agree with this list/ are the author of this list, then you are subnormal.  You are a trash-eating mouth breather that should be sterilized.  You have no life spark.  Your existence brings shame onto all of humanity.  I hope you are happy with yourself.